Hebei destroyed over 30 tons of counterfeit food and drugs, worth over 3.59 million yuan

The counterfeit food and drugs disposed of by the Staff

In order to carry out the work arrangement of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine about the anti-fake law enforcement in the field of agricultural materials in 2018, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the general public, crack down on those law-breaking enterprises and effectively promote the betterment of economic order in the local market of agricultural materials and products, Zhejiang will carry out the special law-enforcement action for anti-counterfeiting of agricultural materials dubbed “Lanjian No. 2” in two phases, i.e. in March and in September.

With focus on the fields of fertilizers, agricultural plastic films, agricultural equipment and spare parts, this law-enforcement action strives to strengthen the inspection/supervision of unqualified enterprises, small enterprises with poor production conditions and enterprises complained by consumers and exposed by the media.

The law-enforcement action will be carried out based on the principle of random inspections by randomly selected law enforcement officers or inspectors to strengthen communication and coordination with the agricultural departments, work well on sampling of law enforcement, fully realize the information sharing and create the scenario of concerted efforts and joint governance.