Over 14,000 trademark infringing watches detained in Guangzhou

Over 10,000 watches of trademark infringement seized by Panyu customs

Recently, Panyu customs conducted a check at Lianhuashan Port over a batch of goods declared by a company for the export to Singapore, 14,096 watches were found of infringing upon the trademark rights of “PATEKPHILIPPE”,“ROLEX”,“OM EGA”and etc., involving 36 brands. After confirmation, now the right holders have applied to the customs for goods detention, leading to the seizure of such watches by the customs at the warehouse. This is also the largest case of IPR infringement in the watch transport channel by the Guangzhou customs in recent years.

In 2017, Guangzhou customs launched the measures of IPR protection for 948 times and seized 1.459 million items of IPR infringing goods, up 76% and 74% respectively. The goods is worth 13.73 million yuan, involving 662 cases of IPR infringement for import and export.

(Source: Panyu Daily)