Police bust overseas purchasing fraud case

Police in Jiading district recently cracked a fraud case involving daig ou (overseas shopping agents). The suspect, surnamed Chen, claimed to be a student studying in the UK. But police caught Chen, who actually has never been to the UK, scamming over 100,000 yuan ($15,802) from different customers by posing as a fake overseas purchasing agent, Shanghai Observer reported Tuesday.

A local university student recently reported to the police that she and her friends paid around 100,000 yuan to Chen to buy goods from the UK, but Chen did not mail the goods to them.

The police found that many fraud daig ou agents attract consumers by using other overseas Chinese people's pictures. Once the customers pay them money, the fake daig ou simply buy the goods online from another vendor then resell them to their customers at an inflated price. Some daig ou even sell fake foreign products and provide fake receipts.

(Source: Global Times)