The police of Xinjiang collaborated with their counterparts in Sichuan to destroy a criminal gang of producing, storing and selling the counterfeit famous liquor

It is learned from the police station of Shayibake District in Urumqi, Xinjiang that in order to push forward the “Chunlei Action” of anti-counterfeiting, the local police worked with the counterpart in Sichuan and successfully destroyed a large criminal gang of manufacturing, storing and selling fake liquor.

The police of Shayibake District worked with their counterparts in Luzhou, Sichuan Province to destroy a gang of selling fake expensive liquor. 5 suspects were caught, 2counterfeiting hideouts, 5 sales hideouts and 1 warehouse were destroyed. Over 2,000 bottles of fake liquor were seized, worth over 7 million yuan.

(Source: Legal Daily)