Wenzhou of Zhejiang Province cracked a large case of fake Guizhou Maotai liquor, worth over 10 million yuan

Recently, after the in-depth investigation for half a month, the Market Supervision Administration of Yongjia County in Wenzhou City cracked a large case of Maotai liquor counterfeiting. 5,574 bottles in 929 boxes bearing the trademarks of “贵州茅台”, “MOUTAI”and “飞天(logo)”were detained, worth about 10 million yuan. This is the case solved by the Administration involving the largest sum so far in terms of trademark infringement and liquor counterfeiting.

According to the initial investigation, the parties involved purchased the goods from their sellers as an authorized dealer. However, they assisted the law enforcers during the investigation and recalled 256 bottles of counterfeit liquors in 42 boxes and reported the case with the police. Now, the police has been investigating the case for further information.

(Source: zjol.com.cn)