Self-made “anti-cancer” drugs made of fructose and starch, doctors involved in sales, a large case of fake drug cracked!

Recently, Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court released a large case of fake drug production and sales. In a year and a half, the suspects roped in some doctors to sell dozens of kinds of fake anti-cancer drugs to patients in 30 provinces, involving a value of over 10 million yuan in total.

In order to seek exorbitant profits, the gang directly mixed fructose and starch powder and a kind of medicinal powder together to make anti-cancer drug capsules and sold them to the patients at a price of 2,500 yuan per gram. Also, they sold these fake drugs nationwide by means of promotion via the company’s websites and merchandising in local hospitals.

It is learned that the suspects mainly offered the doctors kickbacks so that the doctors can recommend the drugs to cancer patients and relatives and then send them via express courier.

After the announcement of ruling, some defendants have lodged an appeal against Guangdong Higher People’s Court and the case now is pending for trial of second instance.