Luoyang police of Henan cracked a large case of online tobacco counterfeiting, with a value of over 11.65 million yuan involved

Recently, Chezhan Police Station of Luoyang Public Security Bureau worked with Luoyang Tobacco Monopoly Administration to crack a case of Internet-based tobacco counterfeiting. 319 cartons of cigarette covering more than 40 overseas brands, an off-road vehicle, four computers, six mobile phones and over 20,000 yuan were seized, with a value of 11.6569 million yuan.

After further investigation, the joint investigation team identified the suspects frequently making presence in Guizhou, Fujian, Liaoning and Guangdong. Recently, the joint investigation team went to Tianjin, Guizhou, Guangzhou and Shandong to capture the suspects. Now, five criminal suspects have been detained and the case is pending for further investigation.

(Source: Safe Luoyang online)