With a value of over 100 million yuan involved, Wuhan police in Hubei cracked 115 counterfeiting cases

Fake liquor and tobacco, fake lights and fake auto parts… The counterfeit goods produced and sold by lawbreakers has not only caused economic loss on consumers, but also hidden hazard to security. On January 4, it was learned from the economic investigation team of Wuhan Public Security Bureau that the police in Wuhan kept tight crackdown on crimes related to counterfeiting. For the whole year, 115 related cases have been cracked and 146 suspects have been captured, involving a value of over 100 million yuan in the seized counterfeiting goods.

Liu Hui, Head of the 5th sub-team of economic investigation team in charge of anti-IPR infringement cases said that according to the unified arrangement of Ministry of Public Security, their team launched the “Yunduan 2017” campaign against IPR infringement and goods counterfeiting by widely collecting clues from administrators and enterprises and also processing in-depth the feedback information from other provinces. Hence, a series of influential cases have been cracked.

(Source: Chutian Metropolis Daily)