Zhejiang police cracked a hideout counterfeiting branded paint, involving a value of 3 million yuan

Some empty paint buckets seized by the police. (photo from JiubaoPolice Station)

As the public hates counterfeit goods to their guts, the police has have always been putting anti-counterfeiting efforts on priority in the work. Recently, Jiubao Police Station in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Pprovince cracked a hideout of paint counterfeiting and seized four 4suspects on the spot. 64 buckets of waterproof material, over 1,000 empty buckets and 4 set of manufacturing equipment were seized, involving over 3 million yuan.

It is learned from the inquest that,four 4suspects have made over 1 million profits from producing and selling the fake coatings of “NIPPON” and “BAIKE” brands. Now, the suspects have been detained by the police according to the laws and the case is pending for further investigation.

(Source: zj.chinanews.com)