Zhoushan customs detained 1,320 slippers of trademark infringement

Photo from zjol.com.cn

Recently, Zhoushan customs released a case of trademark infringement. Confirmed by the owner of “Gucci” trademark, the 1,320 slippers seized by Zhoushan customs at the export port constituted infringement upon the rights to “Gucci” trademark.

When the customs in Zhoushan examined this batch of export “synthetic leather shoes”, they found the shoe appearance was very similar with that of“Gucci” slipper, with the only difference being that the shoes’ logo is “GUCC1”, instead of “Gucci”. Without careful examination, it is impossible to identify the difference.

The relevant customs official explained that using a trademark that is similar to a registered trademark in connection with the same or similar goods, without the authorization of the owner of the registered trademark, may cause public confusion, and thus constitutes an infringement of the exclusive rights of a registered trademark.

Now, Zhoushan customs have officially filed the case based on the application of right holder for IPR customs protection and the further investigation is pending.

(Source: Zhoushan Evening)