Shenzhen police worked with Alibaba to uncover a major case of mooncake counterfeiting

As the Mid-Autumn Day is around the corner, the moonca kes become a best-seller. So some illegal merchants, for the sa ke of profit-ma king, sell counterfeit ca kes ta king the well-known brands and cheated the consumers. Recently, the police in Nanshan District of Shenzhen worked with Alibaba to successfully destroy a den of selling counterfeit ca kes online. 5 criminal suspects were captured and 374 boxes of fa ke ca kes were detained. 

According to the police investigation, this gang built a website for sale in order to avoid the crackdown. Led by a man surnamed Hu, the gang sold a total of over 2000 boxes of moonca kes counterfeiting well-known brands, involving a value of over 500,000 yuan.

This action can be deemed as another step forward in police-business cooperation and truly protect the interests of consumers. Last year, the police of Nanshan District joined hands with Alibaba to crack down on several dens of Hong Kong biscuit “Congming Xiaoxiong (Clever Bear)” counterfeiting, which tracked down 2,500 boxes of counterfeit biscuit and valued at over 4 million yuan. 

(Source: Legal