Alibaba assisted the police in destroying the bicycle counterfeiting chain

Born in 1974, the “Specialized” bicycles are dubbed as Ferrari in the bike world. However, such glory cannot protect it from counterfeiting. In order to crack down on the industrial chain of bicycle counterfeiting from the source, Specialized company worked with Alibaba anti-counterfeiting special task force to fight a battle of wits and courage with counterfeiters for about two years. They claimed that they needed a restroom or just pretended to see the plant, so that they snea ked into secret workshops. Finally, the whole counterfeiting chain was rooted out, which could be deemed as the first victory for Specialized and Alibaba in cooperation.

In this plant, there were thousands of bicycle frames without labels. The staff of Specialized company said that “if these counterfeits are sold at a market price, it will cause huge losses to the brand Specialized”. Dozens of molds were also found on the spot, which could be used to copy almost all popular models of Specialized.

In the end, the police tracked down 4 counterfeit plants in two places and arrested 10 suspects. A batch of well-known Specialized, Pinarello and Colnago counterfeits were seized, involving about 1 million yuan according to initial estimation.