A major case of high-end liquor counterfeiting tracked down in Feidong county, Anhui

On the morning of September 18, the market supervision authority in Feidong county, Anhui province reported a major counterfeiting case, saying the authority received a tip-off and took immediate actions to uncover the case of counterfeiting high-end liquors by cracking down on the infringement of well-known brands including “maotai”and “wuliangye”, involving a value of over 1 million yuan.

Reportedly, on the afternoon of September 15, the inspection team of Feidong market supervision authority rushed off to the site with anti-counterfeiting staff from two vendors after receiving the tip-off. After verification, all the liquors seized on-site were counterfeits. By ta king stocks, 672 bottles of “maotai”, 420 bottles of “wuliangye” and 120 bottles of “tianzhilan”were identified as infringement and counterfeit goods and thus confiscated, valued over 1 million yuan.

Now, the case is pending for further investigation.

(Source: Wehefei.com)