Shanghai Port of Entry destroyed batches of unqualified import food and clothing

Recently, Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau pulled together and destroyed batches of unqualified food and clothing to avoid the spread of unqualified goods into the domestic market and create a safe and reliable consumption environment.

In the first half of this year, among the 8.08 million batches of food and food additives imported at Shanghai Port of Entry with a weight of 1.7965 million tons and a value of 4.547 billion US dollars, the 1,512-ton food in 564 batches were forbidden to be imported and returned or destroyed accordingly. The reasons for the denial included: inconsistence between goods and certificates; exceeding pollutants, out of limits or overuse of food additives; sub-standard labels; use of unlicensed raw material; The food types forbidden to import include meat products, beverage, alcohol, ca kes, biscuits, plant oil, diaries, cereal grains, etc.

The sub-standard clothing that was destroyed are part of those seized at Pudong Airport and Waigaoqiao Port, involving 5.05 million pieces in 400 batches and at a value of over 300,000 US dollars. The disqualification elements cover color fastness, pH value and formaldehyde exceeding. Quite a few of these clothing brands are well-known.

(Source: the Office of Shanghai Leading Group on Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting)