Anhui police successfully cracked down on a case of counterfeiting

On September 4, Yunnan Baiyao Group expressed sincere appreciation to the economic investigation department of Anhui police for their  “responsibility and service” demonstrated in the case of  “toothpaste counterfeiting of famous brands in Chuzhou” on March 20th.

In 2017, the economic investigation department of Anhui Public Security Bureau made active efforts in the investigation of the case of “toothpaste counterfeiting of famous brands in Chuzhou”. The Department successfully destroyed 6 dens of counterfeit production and sales, and seized over 100,000 tubes of fa ke toothpaste of “Yunnan Baiyao”, 2 related production lines, over 300,000 pieces of packaging materials and about 6 tons of raw material (pasty fluid).

In the combat, the police officers involved in the case adhered to the principles of “overall anti-counterfeiting for the people”. During the 100-day action, law enforcers visited 10 provinces and cities for the case investigation and successfully uncovered it as a result, which really deterred those lawbrea kers, protected the legitimate rights of consumers, purified the market environment and recovered huge economic loss for the enterprises.

(Source: Yunnan Baiyao Group)