Hunan tracked down the world’s largest den of Colgate toothbrush passing-off

On August 30, at the press conference held by Hunan Provincial Public Security Department, the public security bureau in the city of Hengyang publicized ten major cases related to People’s livelihood and safety such as environment, food and drug, etc., including the case of Colgate toothbrush counterfeiting.

Early this June, the police in Hengyang successfully cracked down on a 6-person criminal gang of producing and selling the tooth brush counterfeits of international brands including Colgate, PG and Sensodyne. 1 million toothbrush counterfeits have been seized. According to Colgate’s feedback, this is one of the world’s largest dens producing Colgate toothbrush counterfeits in recent years.

So far, five suspects have been under criminal detention and the case is pending for further investigation.

It is learned that starting from this year, Hengyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, joined by other relevant departments, carried out the city-wide “action for ecological and food safety”. By the end of August, 95 criminal cases related to environment, food and drug security had been uncovered. 218 suspects had been arrested, among which 118 were transferred to prosecution. 11 major food and drug cases under ministerial or provincial supervision had been handled. Hengyang ranked the top within the province regarding the investigation and crackdown work in the environmental, food and drug fields.

(Source: the Office of Hunan Leading Group on Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting)