Dongguan of Guangdong included 11 types of products in key counterfeit list

Dongguan Police seized a batch of counterfeit tobacco in an action

On the afternoon of August 2, Dongguan held the (tobacco) anti-counterfeiting work conference. Reportedly, in 2016 alone, Dongguan authorities dispatched a total number of 441,403 law enforcement officials for anti-counterfeiting, who examined 376,172 enterprises and stores and placed 3,620 cases on file,with 120 major counterfeiting cases handled and 100 dens of counterfeit production destroyed. Law enforcement officials in Dongguan brought about 441,403 call-outs for anti-counterfeiting.

In terms of tobacco anti-counterfeiting, Dongguan handled 2,143 tobacco-related criminal cases of various kinds in 2016, among which 165 large and major cases were investigated and solved. For the whole year, 339,700 boxes of tobacco had been sold, realizing the sales revenue of RMB 9.747 billion and the tax revenue of RMB 2.552 billion.

Last year, Dongguan organized a special campaign of inspection over oil and foodstuff, salt, condiment, meet, etc., where 92 farmer’s markets, 81 large supermarkets, 3,016 enterprises and 5,473 stores were subject to investigation, 31 dens were destroyed and 73 cases were put on file and about RMB 900,000 worth of counterfeit goods were confiscated. Besides, Dongguan authorities, in coordination with the office of provincial leading group on fight against IPR infringement and counterfeiting, carried out a special campaign concerning 9 major and key products and conducted special inspection over food, alcohol and drug, putting 796 cases on file with the goods value of totaling RMB 1.1154 million.

Focus: special campaign towards 11 kinds of major products

At the meeting, Hu Chihai, Vice Head of Dongguan Leading Group on Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting and Head of Dongguan Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision indicated that “Dongguanwill launch a special campaign concerning 11 types of major products, including food, drugs (cosmetics), agricultural materials, building materials, garment , home electric appliances (communications apparatus and products), children’s products (toys), tobacco, salt, auto spare parts, e-commerce products and products for imports and exports.”