Guangzhou Customs Captures over 75,000 Infringement Goods in Sea Transportation

The trademark infringement watches captured by Guangzhou Customs

Nansha Customs, which is subordinate to Guangzhou Customs, has recently solved four trademark infringement cases consecutively and captured over 75,000 goods worth RMB 1,080,000 suspected to be related to intellectual property infringement. The IPR infringement goods, covering over 20 categories such as motorcycle parts, clothing and handbags, were intended to be exported to Kenya, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, etc. It has been confirmed by the relevant obligees that the fake goods have infringed nearly 40 trademarks such as NIKE, YAMAHA, SAMSUNG and Xiaomi.

At present, the obligees have applied to the customs for the IPR customs protection and the relevant cases are being investigated and handled.

Source: Chinese version