Public security organs nationwide handled 22,000 cases related to the novel coronavirus disease

At the press conference of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council held on February 26th, Du Hangwei, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Public Security indicated that as of February 24th, the public security organs nationwide have handled 22,000 criminal cases related to the novel coronavirus disease. A total of 4,260 suspects implicated in the cases have been detained, which fostered strong deterrent for illegal acts, guaranteed the health and safety of the public and created a safe and stable environment for winning the combat of epidemic. Du introduced current situations by exemplifying the crackdown on production and sale of fake and shoddy facial masks. To date, the public security organs nationwide have cracked 688 cases concerning the production and sale of counterfeit and shoddy protective materials, with more than 1,560 suspects apprehended and over 31 million fake and inferior facial masks seized valued at 174 million yuan.

According to Du, the Ministry of Public Security attached high importance to epidemic-related crimes and required public security organs nationwide to hold zero-tolerance attitude towards and harshly crack down on such crimes in accordance with the law. The public security organs should also coordinate closely with market regulators to search for clues widely, implement prevention and control measures once clues are discovered, andbusta number of major cases concerning manufacturing and selling counterfeit and substandard products and materials intensively.