Public security organs nationwide seized over 16.3 million counterfeit and shoddy facial masks

It was learned from the Ministry of Public Security that food and drug crime investigation departments of public security organs nationwide harshly cracked illegal acts of manufacturing and selling counterfeit and substandard drugs, medical equipment and medical health materials. So far, the public security organs nationwide have handled 356 cases concerning the above-mentioned acts, caught 838 suspects, detained 355 people, destroyed 389 hideouts and seized over 16.3 million fake and shoddy facial masks.

So far, Hubei Public Security Bureau has handled 9 criminal cases concerning shoddy protective products, seized 12 suspects, destroyed 8 hideouts for producing and selling fake products, and seized 4.6 million fake and shoddy facial masks and more than 300,000 sets of shoddy protective clothing, with the case value totaling 6.6 million yuan.

Recently, the food and drug crime administration of Qingyuan Public Security Bureau in Guangdong Province cracked down on a major case concerning producing and selling fake and shoddy medical alcohol, and seized 12 suspects. The police seized nearly 6000 bottles of fake medical alcohol, 4 tons of raw materials, and 15,000 empty bottles. Under the assistance of Guangzhou police, the production and sales lines about the case were totally destroyed.

(Source: Xinhua)