Ten ministries and commissions jointly cracked down on illegal wildlife trade and unlawful manufacturing and selling of fake protective products

On February 2nd, State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), together with Cyberspace Administration of China, Ministry of Ecology and Environment,Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs,Ministry of Public Security,Ministry of Commerce, National Health Commission,the General Administration of Customs,National Forestry and Grassland Administration,and National Medical Products Administration, held a meeting to deploy the special law enforcement action against the illegal wildlife trade and unlawful manufacturing and selling of protective products, such as face masks.

It was emphasized at the meeting that all forms of wildlife trade were prohibited during the epidemic. Sale, purchase, use, transportation and delivery of wild animals and their products should be carefully investigated. Advertisement and services should not be provided for selling and purchasing wild animals and their products.

Manufacturing and selling counterfeit and substandard protective products, such as face masks, should be harshly cracked. Manufacturing and selling products without medical device registration, repackaging outdated face masks, products that don’t meet the safe protective standards should be carefully investigated. Forcing up prices and illegal recollecting of medical wastes should be harshly cracked.

(Source: SAMR)