Putian administrations visited the local e-commerce market with more efforts on IPR protection

In order to create a better development environment at Anfu E-commerce Mall, a group of Putian market regulators led by Wang Jinlai, Member of Leading Party Group and Deputy Section Chief of Putian Administration for Market Regulation went to Anfu E-commerce Mall for field study and inspection over the anti-IPR infringement and anti-counterfeiting work.

The field study group of Putian Leading Group on the Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting shared the instruction and requirement of National Leading Group for the anti-IPR infringement and anti-counterfeiting work in Putian at the meeting, and forwarded six requirements proposed by Mayor Li Jianhui at the city-level meeting on regulating and guiding the transformation and upgrading of footwear industry in Putian and the requirements proposed by Vice Mayor Chen Huiqian at the meeting on special actions for the fight against IPR infringement and counterfeiting. Then, the introduction of administrative committee to development of Anfu E-commerce Mall was heard and the work update, existing challenges and recommendations were also discussed with the member units of Putian Leading Group in Chengxiang District. Last but not the least, Wang proposed four suggestions for the next-step work:

First, to improve the mechanism. Regarding the new situation, new requirements and new challenges of current work on combating the IPR infringement and counterfeiting, the mechanism of joint action, surveillance and coordination are to be further improved to promote the shift of supervision mechanism from being conventional to the new-type.

Second, to further identify the division of work. The work division is to be further identified among the departments of market regulation, public security, post, industry, IT, commerce and subdistrict offices, so as to fulfill the functions and put the work in place.

Third, to make more efforts on publicity. The mainstream media are to be used for diversified and regular publicity, in a bid to promote positive energy and ensure the good results of social rectification.

Fourth, to make further progress. The IPR system is to be applied scientifically and the rules of market regulation are to be grasped correctly to work on substantial results in a creative and sustained way. It is hoped to welcome the inspection of National Leading Group with impressive work results.

After the meeting, the group visited an e-commerce company in the Anfu E-commerce Mall. The development of the company was learned in detail and the IPR-related questions were solved on the spot. The company was also encouraged to increase efforts on building indigenous brands and make more contributions to the footwear development of Putian.

(Source: Putian Administration for Market Regulation)