One integrated hotline for faster protection: the 12315 hotline for complaint and report in the fields of market regulation

Starting from May 1, some local prefectures and cities integrate the five hotlines of complaints and reports into a single hotline of market regulation “12315”, so as to aggregate the complaint information covering various channels, businesses and systems.

In March this year, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) released the Opinions on Integration and Establishment of the 12315 System for Better Serving Market Regulation Law Enforcement, which identifies the schedule of integrating five major hotlines and requires the national market regulators of various levels use the unified national 12315 platform before the end of this year.

In 2018, the market regulators nationwide received 11,249,600 pieces of complaints, tip-off and inquiries, up 20.74% year on year, including 3,725,600 complaints, 606,900 tip-offs and 6,917,100 inquiries. It recovered 3.117 billion yuan of economic loss for consumers.

The National 12315 Internet Platform for Consumer Dispute Resolution handled 44.83% of total complaints and tip-offs received by the national market regulators, up 27.36% from 2017. After the integrated 12315 is put in use, the handling volume will be further improved.

According to the experts, the integrated public hotline aims to center on consumers and improve the governmental service from users’ perspective, better meet the needs of consumers for rights protection in the current phase and boost the consumption growth.

The integrated 12315 hotline is a highway of consumer rights protection. While building the platform and other “hardware”, the “software” of regulation and institution should also be improved. According to SAMR official, they are working on the unified Measures of Complaint and Tip-off for Market Regulation, and formulating the Work Rules of 12315 Complaint and Report Center to enhance the regularization and institutionalization of complaint handling.

According to the suggestion of experts, it is necessary to pre-judge new problems arising from “Internet+” and provide corresponding solutions when introducing specific measures. Meanwhile, the Implementation Regulations of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests should be introduced as soon as possible to offer a specific guidance for the consumer protection.

(Source: People’s Daily)