Yang Hongcan: to combat counterfeiting and make people feel at ease with consumption

On March 12, instructed by China Consumers Association (CCA) and hosted by China Consumer News and ccn.com.cn, the 2019 workshop on commemorating the World Consumer Rights Day on March 15 was held in Beijing.

Yang Hongcan, Head of Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau under State Administration for Market Regulation said at the workshop that the crackdown on counterfeiting can make people feel safe and relieved in the consumption. Yang said that the annual theme “credit makes consumption more reliable” echoes the consumer wishes. The widespread existence of credit-losing phenomenon in the consumption field curbs the further expansion of consumption to a large extent.

First, business entities are advocated to operate based on honesty and credit and win the trust of consumers; second, the governments should shoulder their due responsibilities to combat counterfeiting, while enterprises should also get involved in an active and self-conscientious way. Thus, the joint anti-counterfeiting efforts can be made.

Yang also said that SAMR attaches high importance to the combatting of counterfeiting to enhance the sense of gain and happiness of consumers through anti-counterfeiting efforts. SAMR will increase the efforts on combatting the counterfeiting by adhering to social coordination and governance, handling a batch of major cases, effectively curbing the spread of counterfeits in a bid to make the public feel at ease with consumption.

(Source: China Consumer News)