Local market regulators destroyed the counterfeits

At the 2019 NPC&CPPCC annual legislative and political advisory sessions, the issue of anti-counterfeiting becomes a hot topic again. Recently, the local market regulators in Guangdong, Gansu and Jiangsu take immediate action to respond by destroying the counterfeits collectively.

Recently, Guangdong market regulators destroyed 6 million yuan worth of counterfeits collectively. In 2018, the local competent authorities handled a total of 9,575 cases about counterfeiting, valued at 78.3927 million yuan and imposed fines of 52.97 million yuan, transferred 122 cases to judicial organs and destroyed 132 hideouts. 139,574 staff of law enforcement were dispatched, 7,233 cases were filed, valued at 48.347 million yuan and with the administrative punishment amount totaling 118.1299 million yuan. The quality and quantity of cases solved keep rising.

Gansu market regulators also publicly destroyed a batch of counterfeits confiscated in the law enforcement action. In 2018, a series of rectification actions for agricultural materials, quality inspection and drugs were organized. Centering around key areas of campus food and infant’s food, special rectification over liquor, diary products and infant milk were carried out. In total, 782 cases about consumers’ rights protection, 207 cases about agricultural materials, 382 cases about trademark infringement and 6224 cases about food were handled, valued at 48.6139 million yuan and with fines amounting of 44.6292 million yuan.

In recent days, Jiangsu market regulators organized the local events of destroying counterfeits. In 2018, special rectification actions were carried out in the fields of consumer goods, agricultural materials and building materials.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2018, Jiangsu handled 332 major cases about consumer goods, valued at 6.0865 million yuan; 234 cases about building materials, valued at 35.2019 million yuan. The series of cases of branded pipeline material counterfeiting handled by the inspection branch of Nanjing quality administration involved a value of over 10 million yuan, with 12 people under detention and 4 people under arrest. Also, Jiangsu market regulators imposed severe punishment upon those producers of electrical bicycles without license in accordance with the laws and those producing sub-standard products.

(Source: ccn.com.cn)