NCAC notified the work results on “Jianwang 2018”Action

On February 22, the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) held a workshop on “Jianwang Action”for the fight against online IPR infringement and piracy to notify the work results of action and seek comments and input from participants concerning the “Jianwang 2019”action.

In July 2018, NCAC, Cyberspace Administration of China, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Ministry of Public Security launched the “Jianwang 2018”action. During the special action, the copyright-related law enforcement supervision departments of various levels deleted 1.85 million links of IPR infringement and piracy, confiscated 1.23 million items of IPR-infringing and pirated goods. 544 cases of online IPR infringement and piracy were handled, among which 74 were criminal cases, involving a value of 150 million yuan. Remarkable results were achieved during the special action.

“Jianwang 2018”action focuses on key areas to carry out special rectification over copyrights, including online, short video, cartoons, knowledge sharing and audio books. A batch of major cases about IPR infringement and piracy were handled to create a good online cultural environment for the celebration of 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up.

In response to the prominent copyright issues in the field of online reproduction and short videos, the National Copyright Administration invited 13 online service providers and 15 short video companies for talk. Through rectification, the relevant online companies banned or downgraded 140,000 IPR-infringing WeChat accounts, processed more than 470,000 IPR-infringing works, and removed 570,000 IPR-infringing short videos. The National Copyright Administration pressed ahead with the establishment of the "China Alliance of Financial Media for Copyright Protection" composed of over 30 mainstream financial media, and promoted the agreements about book copyright protection cooperation between Alibaba Group and Jinban 15 Presses Anti-piracy Alliance, Pinduoduo and Jinban 15 Presses Anti-piracy Alliance and Children’s Press Anti-piracy Alliance.

The law enforcement departments of various levels further deepen the work on supervision over online copyright. The National Copyright Administration further strengthens the copyright supervision over large videos, music and literature websites. 2,389 works of 16 websites were under random inspection over copyrights, over 150 IPR-infringing works were ordered to be removed. The early-warming list for the copyright protection including 72 key works in 7 batches were released and the programs of Spring Festival gala and the outstanding domestic-made films like Operation Red Sea were targeted with more early-warning copyright protection.

The representatives of relevant organizations of collective copyright management, associations, social alliances, right holder’s organizations, representative offices of foreign-related copyright certification organizations in China and Internet enterprises attended the workshop and gave their comments and recommendations on the action.