The national performance examination group visited Hebei for on-site examination

According to the work arrangement for the performance examination against IPR infringement and counterfeiting, on January 23, the examination group led by Duan Yuping, Deputy Head of Copyright Administration under the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee visited Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province to carry out the on-site examination over the local work against IPR infringement and counterfeiting in 2018. Xia Yanjun, Vice Governor of Hebei People’s Government met the group members and Hao Jie, Deputy Scretary-General of Hebei Government and Deputy Head of the provincial leading group on fight against IPR infringement and counterfeiting presided over the report meeting. On behalf of the provincial leading group on fight against IPR infringement and counterfeitng, Li Shi, Head of Hebei Commerce Department gave a work report. Jin Hongjun, Head of Hebei Administration for Market Regualtion attended the meeting and Bei Jun, Deputy Head accompanied the group for on-site examination and attended the meeting.

The examination group fully affirmed the work of Hebei in this regard. In terms of the on-site examination, Hebei Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government as well as the relevant departments attached high importance to the crackdown on IPR infringement and counterfeiting by earnestly carrying out the decision and arrangement of CPC Central Committee and the State Council, enhancing organization and leadership, reinforcing the coordiantion with highlight on the work priority, focusing on the long-term mechanism and strengthening the work implementation. Marked results have been achieved in the local crackdown on IPR infringement and counterfeiting, which drives the improvement of IPR protection in Hebei and the fast and sound economic and social development.

(Source: Heibei Administration for Market Regulation)