GACC: ”Longteng” Action 2018 seized 3.09 million goods items alleged of IPR infringement

It was learned from General Administration of Customs of China, the 4-month special action for the IPR protection of enterprises leading in IPRs called “Longteng” Action concluded recently. The customs nationwide seized altogether 385 batches of import and export goods alleged of infringement upon the independent IPRs of domestic enterprises, up 52.2% from the volume of previous year. 3.09 million items of goods were suspected of IPR infringement and valued at 61.14 million yuan.

According to incomplete statistics, the “Longteng” Action has made great achievements for two consecutive years: A total of 160 million yuan of direct economic loss for enterprises is recovered, among which 60% of export enterprises with IP strength see marked growth in business sales volume; The vigor of enterprises in innovation is further spurred, 283 IPR-leading export enterprises have over 2600 items of new IPRs; The awareness and capabilities of enterprises on IPR protection are substantially improved. 127 enterprises increase their input in IPR protection, add 516 IPR protection staff and 18.51 million yuan of fund.

(Source: Economic Daily)