Six national government agencies launched the anti-counterfeit operation on the rural food market

On December 14, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Public Security, State Administration for Market Regulation, National Intellectual Property Administration and All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives announced that a special rectification operation is to be launched against counterfeit food in the rural area to effectively resolve the problem before the Spring Festival in 2019.

The action will last three months, focusing on small rural workshops, small stores, small stalls, small eatery, small pedlar, rural traditional markets and food wholesale markets, as well as rural food in large-volume consumption, including convenience food, leisure food, wines, drinks, condiments, diary and products, meat and meat products. The following six kinds of illegal and regulation-violating acts will be mainly subject to crackdown, namely, food counterfeiting, copycats, fake food, products without manufacturer, date of production and business license, sub-standard products and products beyond warranty period.

(Source: Xinhua)