The 2018 China Consumption/Consumer Protection Summit held in Beijing

On December 11, instructed by the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR)and China Consumers Association and jointly sponsored by China Consumers News Agency and its network, the 2018 China Consumption/Consumer Protection Summit was held in Beijing. Qin Yizhi, Member of Party Leadership Group and Deputy Head of SAMR attended the summit and gave a keynote speech.

Launched in 2016, the 3rd China Consumption/Consumer Protection Summit was held this year. It is also the first forum themed on consumer rights protection held by the SAMR after its reorganization. Gaining close attention and great support from SAMR, it is unprecedented in terms of level, scope and topics. The summit aims to fulfill the spirit of CPC Central Committee and State Council for the improvement of consumption system or mechanism and identifies the theme of “guide the quality improvement, improve the consumption environment” based on the new situation, new tasks, new needs and new opportunities in terms of consumption and consumer protection.

Present at the summit were experts and representatives from China Consumers Association, the Market Economic Institute of Development and Research Center and Beijing Law Society. They will focus on the theme to interpret the concept of “raising awareness in quality and fulfill the consumer-centered approach” from different angles, explore the diversified mechanism of resolving the consumption disputes, bolster the consumption confidence and create a safe and reliable consumption environment.