SAMR calls for tight crackdown on illegal acts concerning product quality nationwide

Recently, the Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau under the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) released the Notice on Handling Clues Concerning the Illegal Acts Related to Consumer Goods (hereinafter referred to as “the Notice”), requiring the local inspection teams for market regulation to harshly crack down the illegal acts related to quality of consumer goods.

As the Notice indicates, according to the arrangement stated in the 2018 Work Plan on “Lijian” Action for Quality Inspection, the Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau of SAMR has entrusted relevant units to gather clues from their inspection over a batch of illegal acts about quality of consumer goods in the early stage and also required different local departments to mobile efforts on verifying the clues and handling those illegal acts in accordance with the laws.

The Notice requires the local law enforcement teams to organize the verification on the clues of those illegal acts, investigate the facts about law violation and handle the existing illegal acts, in accordance with the Administrative Punishment Law and the Regulation on Administrative Punishment Procedure for Quality and Technology Supervision.

According to the Notice, in case products cannot be traced due to objective reasons during the process of clue verification, law enforcement inspection should be carried out on key products with the same specification and model or production process as the ones in question. The Law Enforcement Supervision Bureau under SAMR will supervise the handling of key cases or conduct the on-site handling as appropriate or offer guidance and support to the solution of major difficult cases.

(Source: SAMR Website)