Zhang Mao and Li Yong attended the sub-forum of 1st CIIE for “quality infrastructure facilitates trade and sustainable development”

On November 6, the forum of “Better Trade for Better Life: Quality Infrastructure Facilitates Trade and Sustainable Development” as a sideline event of the 1st CIIE was held at Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center. Zhang Mao, Head of State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) and Li Yong, Director-General of UN Industry and Development Organization (UNIDO) attended the forum and gave keynote speeches. Over 300 participants from government agencies of developing countries, international enterprises and business associations attended the forum.

Zhang said at the speech that those thriving enterprises are the main force in facilitating the trade and exchanges and serving a better life while opening-up and competition are the key driving force for improving the product and service quality of enterprises. As consumers are the judger of product and service quality, their choice offers important support to facilitating the trade and exchanges. And, the market regulation provides a critical guarantee to maintaining the fair market competition and defending the rights and interests of consumers.

The forum set a session of theme-based dialogue where seven experts from different fields both at home and abroad had a high-level discussion surrounding the theme of “China’s national quality infrastructure system and the best practice in entering the Chinese market”.

(Source: SAMR)