The national public security authorities deepen the work against IPR infringement crimes and gradually build up a regular work pattern of both crackdown and prevention

Concerning the serious concern of public and enterprises over counterfeiting, the national public security authorities adhere to the belief that “anti-counterfeiting for the country and people”and carry out the arrangements of CPC Central Committee and the State Council to push forward the anti-counterfeiting work at the primary level, crack down on IPR infringement, improve the development of professional tools and coronation mechanism and gradually put in place the work pattern of crackdown and prevention under the regular condition.

Statistics showed that since last year, the public security authorities nationwide have cracked 21,000 cases of IPR infringement worth over 8.3 billion yuan and seized 28,000 suspects.

In particular, from November 28 last year to January 31 this year, the Ministry of Public Security organized the police nationwide to launch “Chunlei”Action with a focus on IPR infringement crime.

Vigorous efforts were made to resolve IPR infringement problem involving various industrial sectors and geographical regions. 286 regional criminal sources and supply network and 5,970 criminal hideouts have been destroyed. 2,061 criminal cases of food and drug, daily chemical goods for women and children use, building material and electro-mechanicals, automobile spare parts and home appliances were cracked, which generated huge deterrent effects and won wide public acclaim.