MOFCOM held the regular news conference and responded the 2018 China Business Climate Survey Report by AmCham China

On February 1, at the regular news conference of MOFCOM, a reporter from Economic Information Daily asked, “The AmCham China released a report on January 30 to point out that the investment and business climate in China is improving. How do you comment on it?” Gao Feng, MOFCOM Spokesperson responded that:

“We note that AmCham China just released the 2018 China Business Climate Survey Report. The report indicates that the American enterprises in China feel China’s investment environment is improving. The report gives some survey statistics: In 2017, 73% of American enterprises in China reaped profits and 74% of enterprises plan to extend investment in China in 2018, the record high in recent years; about 60% of member enterprises consider China as one of the top three investment destinations for them. All the enterprises surveyed feel that China has sustained or improved its efforts on law enforcement in IPR protection in recent years. 46% of respondents believe that China will further open up its market to foreign investment in the next three years;62% of respondents think that Chinese government has enhanced transparency in terms of policy making and communication, etc. We think this indicates that most of the foreign enterprises in China continue to be positive about Chinese market and recognize that the investment environment in China continues to turn better, and their confidence about investment in China is further enhanced.”

(Source: MOFCOM Website)