Alibaba released ten major cases of anti-counterfeiting in 2017: 1,328 fake goods hideouts destroyed over the past year

Cases of fake LV leather material, fake face-lift drugs and fake auto spare parts… On January 29, the Platform Governance Department of Alibaba released ten major anti-fake cases in 2017. According to the previously issued Annual Report of Alibaba on IPR Protection in 2017, Alibaba fed altogether 1,910 pieces of fake-fighting clues much beyond the minimum standard of criminal prosecution at 50,000 yuan to the police and destroyed 1,328 counterfeiting hideouts, involving about 4.3 billion yuan. Alibaba said that they will continue to assist the law enforcement authorities including the police, industry and commerce, quality supervision and food and drug administration to track down the sources of counterfeit goods at all costs in 2018.

(In 2017, Alibaba assisted the police nationwide in destroying 1,328 counterfeiting hideouts, involving a value of 4.3 billion yuan)

“In 2017, Alibaba made historic breakthrough in fight against counterfeiting. This cannot be achieved without the huge efforts made by the law enforcement authorities across the nation, including the police, the industry and commerce, the quality supervision and the food and drug administration,” said Ye Zhifei, IPR Director of Platform Governance Department of Alibaba. Now, the anti-fake team of Alibaba has worked with 23 law enforcement authorities in 23 provinces nationwide on offline anti-fake efforts; signed the strategic cooperation agreements with the public security authorities in 12 provinces (municipalities directly under the central government) , like Shanghai, Tianjin, Jiangsu, etc. to sustain and deepen the cooperation.