Notification about the “Jianwang 2017” campaign

From July to November 2017, the National Copyright Administration of China, the Cyberspace Administration of China, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Ministry of Public Security jointly launched the “Jianwang 2017” campaign to combat online infringement and piracy. During the campaign, the copyright law enforcement regulation authorities at various levels worked with other 3 government agencies to examine 63,000 websites, close down 2,554 websites of IPR infringement and piracy, delete 710,000 links of IPR infringement and piracy, seize 2.76 million items of infringement and piracy products and investigate 543 cases of online infringement and piracy, and worked the public security authorities to look into 57 criminal cases worth 107 million yuan. Hence, the online copyright environment can be further purified, the online copyright-oriented order can be further regulated and the campaign achieved results as expected.

I. Pay high attention to creating sound environment of online copyright for the success of the 19th CPC National Congress In the campaign, the copyright law enforcement regulators at various levels considered the promotion and implementation of the gist about the 19th CPC National Congress as their top political tasks, continued to intensify the crackdown on online IPR infringement and piracy to effectively purify the online copyright environment.

II. Look into the cases and launch the special rectification in those key areas Regarding the hot issues and difficulties in the current Internet-based copyright governance, the copyright-related law enforcement authorities at various levels carried out rectification in the key areas with a focus on films and TV, press, APP and e-commerce and handled a batch of major infringement and piracy cases, which achieved significant results.

III. Innovate the administration and further strengthen the prioritized supervision over online copyright In the campaign, the copyright law enforcement regulators at various levels continuously innovated the work ideology and methods in terms of online copyright supervision, and further enlarged the coverage and influence

IV. Improve the system and further enhance the basic development in copyright law enforcement supervision

(Source: National Copyright Administration of China Website)