Tencent joined hands with Wuxi authorities to launch a strategic alliance against fake food and drug

Signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement on a strategic alliance

On December 21, Tencent officially signed a cooperation framework agreement on launching a strategic anti-counterfeiting alliance with Wuxi Food and Drug Administration, Wuxi Public Security Bureau and AstraZeneca China to explore a new model of co-governance on online fake food and drug by leveraging the resources of food and drug authorities in professional law enforcement and inspection, the advantages and methods of public security authorities and the technology and information of Tencent, complementing each other’s advantages and strengthening the work synergy, so as to further rectify the market order of food and drug and defend the health and legitimate rights and interests of people.

Gao Yaguang, Vice Mayor of Wuxi city, Zhu Qinhu, Deputy Head of Jiangsu Food and Drug Administration, Shang Jianrong, Deputy Head of Jiangsu Public Security Department, Zhou Anpeng, Section Chief of CFDA and Li Xuyang, Head from Security and Anti-Fraud Lab of Tencent attended the signing ceremony.

(Source: ikanchai.com)