Ministry of Public Security deployed the “Chunlei Action” to combat IPR infringement crimes

Recently, in the “Yunduan 2017” Action against economic crimes, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) deployed a two-month “Chunlei Action” to combat IPR infringement-related crimes. MPS requires the police nationwide to focus on the reform and development in a new era, adhere to the philosophy of people-oriented development, combat IPR infringement-related crimes of various forms, protect the vitality of main market players in innovation in line with the laws, defend the interests of people and improve the public sense of fulfillment, happiness and safety, thus creating sound market, social and legal environment for securing a victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

As introduced, since the 18th CPC National Congress, the police nationwide has firmly carried out the arrangements of the State Council and the CPC Central Committee to take the crackdown on IPR infringement-related crimes as an important task. A series of campaigns like "anti-counterfeiting", "online anti-counterfeiting" and "Yunduan 2017" have been launched. Thus, 135,700 cases about IPR infringement and counterfeiting have been uncovered, involving the value of 93 billion yuan and 149,000 suspects have been captured, maintaining a strong momemtum of fight against IPR infringement-related crimes. Given the current IPR infringement-related crimes,which are chain-based, industry-based and cross-regional, the public security authority consolidated their data awareness and information application capabilities to target the full chain of counterfeiting for crackdown. Altogether, over 2,200 cross-regional, cross-border and industrial and large criminal networks have been destroyed, responding to people's expectation with real actions and achievements and providing law enforcement guarantee for corporate innovation in technology and brands.

(Source: MPS Website)