China highly values IPR protection, opposes unilateral action: MOFCOM

China has been highly valuing intellectual property rights (IPR) protection and opposing any form of protectionism, in hopes that the US will seek cautious action to avoid hindering the sound growth of bilateral economic and trade relations between the two countries, a senior trade official said Thursday. 

The comment came after US representatives gave testimonies on Tuesday, alleging that China has committed "intellectual property theft". 

At an International Trade Commission hearing on Tuesday, some groups alleged that Chinese firms stole ideas and software or forced firms to turn over intellectual property as part of the price of doing business with China, Reuters reported. 

The report alleged that the so-called IPR theft committed by China has cost the US hundreds of billions of dollars in technology and cost millions of Chinese jobs. 

"We have noticed media reports about the hearing. According to our findings, the China Chamber of International Commerce represented China's industrial and commercial industries by providing more than 700 pages of comments and relevant evidence materials to the Office of the US Trade Representative before the hearing," Gao Feng, spokesman of China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), told the Global Times at a regular press conference on Thursday. 

In fact, there were a small number of enterprises that really questioned China's IPR protection at the hearing, while some companies and industrial associations have appealed to the US government for cautious action in an aim to avoid bringing harm to the sound and stable growth of Sino-US economic and trade ties, noted Gao. 

China has been attaching great importance to IPR protection and opposing any forms of unilateralism and protectionism, Gao said. 

The US is expected to take the whole picture of Sino-US economic and trade relations as a starting point and comprehensively consider suggestions from all parties whose interests are involved, he said, noting that China hopes that the US will act cautiously and respect facts as well as the multilateral trade rules. 

"The Chinese government will closely watch the development of the investigation and will adopt corresponding measures at proper time to safeguard the legal rights and interests of the country," said Gao.

(Source: Global Times)