PPRD Region will collaborate on anti-counterfeiting

Explore cross-provincial joint check mechanism for businesses under random test 

Strengthen oversight in key fields 

On September 26, the 13th High-Level Joint Meeting of Industry & Commerce Administrations in Pan Pearl River Delta (PPRD) Region was held in Changsha. Communication and cooperation were carried out among the staff in charge of industry and commerce from nine provinces including Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong ,Guangxi, Hainan, Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan regarding two topics, “strengthen in-process and afterwards supervision” and “promote advertisement sector development”. Ma Zhengqi, the Member of CPC Leadership Group and Deputy Head of SAIC attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The representatives from nine PPRD provinces also jointly signed the Cooperation Agreement of PPRD Region on Promoting Advertisement Development. 

The meeting themed “strengthen in-process and afterwards supervision” and “promote advertisement sector development” and underlined that both severe and gentle measures should be adopted and the comprehensive market oversight should be enhanced. On one hand, in order to strengthen the convergence of different business lines in random check and explore the cross-provincial joint check mechanism, the supervision concept should be transformed and the supervision measures should be innovated to earnestly implement the oversight system drawing on random inspections by randomly selected law enforcement officers or inspectors and requiring the prompt release of results; On the other hand, the supervision should be enhanced in key fields. Considering that IPR infringement is quite serious in the consumption area, further efforts should be made to fight against counterfeiting, compulsory consumption, imparity clauses and other acts that may damage the immediate interests of consumers. 

For the first half of this year, nine provinces (special regions) of PPRD filed 400,800 trademark registrations, accounting for 34.85% of the national total, and had a total of 4.2543 million valid registered trademarks, accounting for 34.95% of the national total. 

(Source: epaper.xxcb.cn)