Xi Jinping sent a letter of congratulation to the 2nd China Quality Conference

The 2nd China Quality Conference was unveiled in Shanghai on September 15. Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a letter of congratulation to the meeting for its opening. Xi says in the letter that the China Quality Conference aims at promoting international cooperation on quality. The issue of quality embodies the labor, creation and wisdom of human and reflects people’s longing for a better life. The Chinese nation has always attached great importance to the issue of quality. Thousands of years ago, the Chinese high-quality products like fine silk and porcelain went abroad and promoted cultural exchanges and mutual learning. Today, China still attaches great importance to the quality development by keeping improving products and services quality and striving to provide higher-quality Chinese products and services.

Xi Jinping hopes that the participants worldwide can sit together to analyze the development trend of international quality and discuss about the experience for total quality management so as to push forward the interconnection of quality-related infrastructure between countries, to continuously facilitate the economic development and people’s livelihood by improving quality, and to ma ke contributions to the realization of people’s dream for a better life.

(Source: Xinhua)