The First China Summit Forum on Trade Secrets held in Beijing

On September 15, hosted by Legal Daily, the First China Summit Forum on Trade Secrets was held in Media Center, Beijing. Over 300 representatives including trade secrets experts, chiefs of industries, lawyers and government officials attended the forum to have in-depth discussion about China’s protection of trade secrets of enterprises.

Starting from October 1, the General Provisions of Civil Law will ta ke into force. It is one of its highlights to include trade secrets into the objects of IP protection. Now the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress is amending the provisions concerning trade secret protection in the Law against Unfair Competition, which marks the high importance attached by China to the work of trade secret protection.

Sun Yong, Inspectorate Head of the Office of National Leading Group on Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting said that, the situation for trade secrets protection is complex. Against the background of in-depth development of economic globalization and innovation being the first impetus to development, countries worldwide pay growing attention to the protection of trade secrets and keep strengthening the protection of trade secret holders and their economic interests. In May 2016, the Defend Trade Secrets Act officially came into effect in US. In July 2016, EU released the Trade Secret Directive applicable to all EU members. Trade secrets have arisen as one of the hot topics in the multilateral and bilateral IP cooperation, consultation and negotiation.

(Source: - law)