Guangdong launched many campaigns against IPR infringement and counterfeiting

On August 31, Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (GEEIQB) announced that it would work with other relevant departments to launch 232 special campaigns including the anti-counterfeiting “Qingfeng Action” during the “Month of Quality”, with a focus on improvement of food and product quality bound for the countries along the “Belt and Road”.

GEEIQB said it would strengthen comprehensive quality supervision by ta king various methods, including supervision sampling, enforcement for anti-counterfeiting, concentrated rectification and call-back of those unqualified products, to target those key products and sensitive products the public strongly concern.

Regarding those acts of violation, the “Lvlei 3 Action” (Green Bud) was carried out to combat illegal carrying or mailing of seeds and seedlings. In addition, there are special campaign “Lijian 2017” against smuggling at borders and “Qingfeng Action” against counterfeiting.

GEEIQB centers on enhancing quality and risk surveillance, promoting quality and security-related risk early warning and fast response systems. In recent years, 21,965 pieces of risk information have been collected, among which there are 413 pieces of high-risk information and 199 cases with counterfeit goods being handled.

In 2016, GEEIQB completed the sampling investigation of 1,095 batches of products, among which 239 batches were found unqualified. Moreover, those enterprises trading unqualified products found through sampling investigation would be asked to have a talk with the government authorities, ta ke those unqualified products off the shelf and notify the dealers of the callback and the troubleshooting in a bid to prevent the spread of unqualified goods.

(Source: Xinhua)