Deputy Head of General Administration of Customs:to improve capacity of customs in fulfilling duties in line with law

It is the required that the customs as the national export-import supervision and management body adhere to administration according to laws and keep improving their capabilities of implementing laws and regulations as well as decision making and arrangement. On August 8, the 15th Legal Publicity Day of Customs, Wang Lingjun, Deputy Head of General Administration of Customs, accepted an interview with Economic Daily.

It is learned that in recent years, the customs authorities nationwide center on the law-based development and have done a lot of work in improving law enforcement, fulfilling law-based decisions, regulating the laws strictly, supervising power operation and cultivating legal spirit, in particular making earnest efforts to raise the awareness of customs staff in law respect, understanding, use and obedience so that they can fulfill various functions in high quality including taxation, supervision, anti-smuggling and statistics.Noticeable results can be achieved in creating harmonious environment for law enforcement in customs.

On the external legal publicity side, the customs focuses on two basic features of professional business and regulations as well as people-centered or community (a large part are import and export enterprises)-centered management to establish a batch of high quality service brands with customs and regional characteristics, such as “Exhibition Hall of Customs IPR Protection” of Hangzhou Customs and Qingdao Customs, “scenario-based navigation” legal education service of Shanghai Customs, exhibition base of legal culture by Nanjing Customs and the brand“Help You for Customs Declaration”by Ningbo Customs, which have won wide recognition from different parties.

The Customs also fully leverage the role of 12360 hotline. Since 2013, over 800,000 inquiries about policies, laws and regulations have been handled and solved. Over 30 publicity events and tours themed“12360, always be with you”have been organized,where over 3000 enterprises engaged in. Meanwhile, the “face to face”or “One to One”legal services have been provided for the import and export enterprises so that the latter can enjoy tailored service.

Currently, the customs authorities nationwide have established and improved the work mechanism of publicity and awareness raising for rule of law on a regular basis. At least four special legal education events are organized every year, including “Week of IPR Publicity”, “International Day for Prohibition of Drugs”, “Legal Publicity Day of Customs” and“National Legal Publicity Day”.An all-dimensional and comprehensive framework of legal education and publicity are set up.

(Source: Economic Daily)