Ministry of Commerce: Special 301 Report Issued by USTR Lacks Objective Criteria and Fairness

The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) recently released the 2017 Special 301 Report, which still put China in the priority watch list for allegedly lax IPR protection. In the regular press conference on May 11, Sun Jiwen, Press Spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, expressed China has serious concern in this case, and claimed the Report lacked objective criteria and fairness.

Besides, Sun advocated that Chinese Government attaches great importance to IPR protection, and takes many effective measures, which leads to the ongoing improvement and notable achievements in IPR protection. The Chinese side urges the US side to conscientiously implement the commitments made in China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, to comment objectively, fairly, and with goodwill on the efforts made and the effects achieved by foreign governments including China in IPR protection and law enforcement. China would like to strengthen communication, exchange and cooperation in IPR sphere with each country including US, to create a sounder legal environment for bilateral commercial and economic relations.

Source: Chinese version