State Administration for Industry & Commerce: China Ranks No. 1 in Trademark Application for 15 Consecutive Years

On May 22, According to the press conference on Situation of Implementing in Depth the Trademark and Brand Strategy and Promoting Chinese Brands Building held by State Administration for Industry & Commerce (SAIC), China ranks No. 1 in trademark applications for 15 consecutive years in the world. Up to the end of March, 2017, trademark applications accumulatively hit 22.931 million, with 15.145 million trademark registrations and 12.937 million valid ones.

Cui Shoudong, Deputy Director of Trademark Office of SAIC, claimed that the Trademark Office would focus on the following 3 key tasks: Facilitation of trademark registration, standardization of trademark supervision and socialization of brand service, and would promote the transformation of a big country of trademarks to a country powered by trademarks, promote the transition from Chinese products to Chinese brands.

Source: Chinese version