CNIPA Launches New IP Policy to Echo Regulation on Optimizing Market Environment

CNIPA's first document of 2020 heralds its pro-business philosophy in the mid-term future. The Implementing Opinions on Deepening Reform of Ease, Administer, Serve in the IP field and Building Sound Business Environment is a collection of pro-business services.

The enactment of this Implementing Opinions aims to materialize the CPC Central Committee and the State Council's decision on ease , administer, serve, implement the Regulation on Optimizing Business Environment (effective January 1), transform missions of IP administrations and galvanize IP's edge in inspiring innovation and economic development, according to a principal from CNIPA's department of public services.

With the reform of ease, administer, serve in the IP field gradually entering into deep water, IP administrations are evidently offering more dynamic services. The Implementing Opinions clarifies the transformation of government missions in IP, requirements, philosophy, targets, measures relating to ease, administer, serve, elevation of governance efficiency, modernization of IP governance, meeting with the demands of market entities and economic development, enabling the fruits of reform to benefit the public and market entities more profoundly and extensively.

In the next three-year cycle, namely as of 2022, IP filing shall be easier, examination shall be more efficient, use shall be more intensive, protection shall be more powerful, service shall be more premium. The Implementing Opinions is drafted by following the questions, demands, efficiency to promote innovation in infrastructure, expand supply of resources and deep integration. First, leaning on streamlining IP examination procedures, upgrading examination quality, improving examination efficiency, advocating the notification- promise mechanism, relax and release red tapes and inspire innovative power of the society. Second, leaning on improving IP protection system, innovating IP protection methods, enhancing oversight of IP service providers, delivering heavy blows to abnormal IP applications, innovate methods of oversight and build a sound innovation and development environment. Third, leaning on combining and optimizing IP government service resources, promoting transparency of IP formalities, improving convenience of IP formalities, strengthening supply of IP information service resources, enhancing support to IP service industry, facilitating IP commercialization, elevate service quality and accelerate innovation progression.

As a next step, CNIPA will formulate specific tasks based on the Implementing Opinions, make further plans and organization of them to ensure solid materialization of these reform measures.

(Source: China IP News)