SAMR released the 2019 Legislative Work Plan

The market regulation administrations (departments and commissions) of different provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, departments, bureaus and units directly affiliated to State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), National Medical Products Administration and National Intellectual Property Administration,

The 2019 Legislative Work Plan of State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) has been reviewed and approved at the general conference of SAMR and is now issued. The 2019 legislative work of SAMR should continue to thoroughly implement the new philosophy, new ideas and new strategies of General Secretary Xi Jinping on overall law-based national governance, accurately grasp the basic requirements of the legislative work in the new era, uphold the Party's leadership over legislative work, uphold legislation for the people, adapt the legislation to the reform and development, strengthen the integration of market supervision and legal system and promote the coordinated regulation of market regulation system and rules.

The 2019 legislative work of SAMR should be ensured, including the main requirements as follows: 

First, the central work of SAMR should be surrounded to differentiate various works, highlight the key aspects, give a full play to the guiding and promotion role of rule of law and promote the reform to streamline administration, delegate powers, improve regulation, and strengthen services and maintain fair competition in the market. Prevent market risks, strengthen consumer rights protection, improve product and service quality, promote comprehensive market supervision and law enforcement, and create a world-class business environment to provide a solid rule of law.

Second, further progress should be made to carry out lawmaking in a well-conceived and democratic way and in accordance with law and continuously improve the lawmaking quality. We always uphold the party's leadership over legislative work, improve the work methods, give a full play to the leading role of legislatures and further enhance the scientific nature, pertinence and effectiveness of market supervision laws, administrative regulations and departmental rules by enhancing the legislative work mechanism, standardizing the legislative procedures and improving the quality of legislation.

Third, the legislative work plan should be solidly implemented. The drafting body should take the implementation of the plan as an important task to strengthen organization and leadership, improve the work mechanism, specify the process management and tighten the time limit requirements, consolidate the implementation of responsibilities, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of legislative work, so as to ensure that the first type of projects can be completed within this year (the draft about laws and administrative regulations should be submitted to the State Council for review and the draft about regulations should be submitted to the general conference of SAMR for review) and the second type of legislative projects can be advanced with high quality and efficiency. The drafting organization shall ensure that the draft for the first type of projects be submitted to the Regulatory Department for review prior to June 30, 2019.

The local departments for market regulation should focus on law enforcement practice at the primary level and give active support to the law-making work of SAMR; meanwhile, the formulation, revision and abolishment work on local law and regulations, government’s regulations and regulative documents about market regulation should be solidly advanced.

State Administration for Market Regulation

January 10, 2019

(Source: SAMR Website)