SAMR released the notice for the Work Plan of Rectification over Counterfeiting in Key Areas (2019-2021)

The market regulation administrations (departments and commissions) of different provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps,

Hereby, the Work Plan of Rectification over Counterfeiting in Key Areas (2019-2021) is circulated for you to implement based on the actual situation.


January 3, 2019

The Work Plan of Rectification over Counterfeiting in Key Areas (2019-2021) To crack down on counterfeiting and IPR infringement and to maintain a market order of fair competition is an inevitable requirement to meet the people's growing needs for a better life. It also constitutes a key task of creating a rule-of-law and facilitated internationalized business environment and a strong support force in promoting the national economic transformation and upgrading and achieving the high-quality development. This Work Plan is hereby formulated to further advance the rectification in the key areas of counterfeiting

I. General Requirements

i. Guiding Thought

To be guided by Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, fully carry out the spirits of 19th CPC National Congress, 2nd and 3rd Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, earnestly implement the decisions and deployment made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, integrate concentrated rectification and regular supervision, reform and innovate the regulation system and mechanism, strengthen the governance in key areas and markets, strictly handle the illegal acts of counterfeiting and promote the continuous improvement of rule-of-law and facilitated internationalized business environment.

ii. Work Goals

It aims to investigate and handle a batch of major cases about counterfeiting through special actions in a steady and orderly manner, purify the production source and circulation network and effectively curb the tendency of frequent and growing counterfeiting acts. By 2021, the overall law enforcement capability and modernization level in market regulation will have been noticeably improved, featuring an improved work mechanism and further optimized business environment. The general public will feel relieved and safe in terms of products and food purchase and use.

iii. Basic Principles

The basic principles will be problem-oriented, coordination-based, technically supportive and of social governance.

II. To launch the special rural market regulation to boost the implementation of rural rejuvenation strategy, specific steps include:

i. to increase the efforts on rural market regulation;

ii. to launch the special law enforcement for agricultural material and rural products;

iii. to strengthen the governance over “copycat food”; and

iv. to strictly handle the false and illegal advertisement.

III. To launch the special food safety regulation to ensure the public food safety, the following steps will be taken:

i. to launch the special action for regulation in special food;

ii. to strengthen the special governance over campus food safety;

iii. to advance the action for the improvement of food safety; and

iv. to consolidate the early warning and standards about food safety.

IV. To launch the special e-commerce platform regulation and purify the online market transaction environment, we will

i. strictly handle the illegal online business acts;

ii. strengthen the supervision over the online transaction platform;

iii. improve the capability of regulation over online transaction; and

iv. vigorously promote the comprehensive online supervision and governance.

V. To launch the special certification regulation and effectively maintain the certification market order, it means to

i. strictly handle the products without CCC certification;

ii. increase the efforts on market regulation in certification testing;

iii. carry out the special supervision by the certification implementation institutions; and

iv. enhance the online verification of products in terms of CCC certification.

VI. To integrate crackdown and construction and establish an anti-counterfeiting and anti-IPR infringement mechanism, we strive to

i. improve the complaint report and handling mechanism;

ii. establish a cross-regional law enforcement coordination mechanism; and

iii. accelerate the forming of a new market regulation mechanism.

VII. To improve the guarantee measures and ensure that the counterfeiting-related rectification action can achieve tangible results, we will

i. consolidate leadership and organization;

ii. strengthen capacity building in law enforcement; and

iii. enhance publicity and opinion supervision.

(Source: SAMR Website)