The Circular of SAMR on Carrying out Inspection over Food Safety of Online Catering Service (framework)

No.: SAMR 〔2018〕63

Date issued : September 23, 2018

The food and drug administrations of different provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government,autonomous regions and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corp,

Since the Measures of Supervision and Administration for Food Safety of Online Catering Service (hereinafter referred to as “the Measures”) were implemented, the operation of above-mentioned service has been gradually regulated and the food safety of such service has been steadily improved.

However, as learned from the examination results and relevant media reports, some of the problems with the third-party platforms for online catering service remain unsolved, including lax online registration review, incomplete public information and delivery short of regulation; some problems with the online catering service providers still stand out, such as unlicensed engagement to online catering service or the service engagement using other's license or fake license, the poor sanitary condition of food processing site and the operation lack of regulation. In order to further strengthen the supervision over the food safety of online catering service, keep tight crackdown on illegal or regulation-breaking acts, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) decides to launch special inspection over the food safety of online catering service across the nation. The requirements are specified as follows:

I. Work Objective

It is to carry out special investigations and grasp and update the implementation of third-party platforms providing the online catering service and the registered online catering service providers for the Measures; supervise the fulfillment of entity responsibility for food safety by the above-mentioned entities, further regulate the operational acts and improve the food safety of online catering service.

II. Inspection Time

It lasts four months from October 2018 to end of January 2019.

III. Inspection Focus

1. The requirements on third-party platform providing online catering service for the implementation of the Measures

2. The requirements on online catering service providers for implementation of the Measures

IV. Work Requirements

1. Strengthen organization and leadership, specify the work plan

2. Fulfill the entity responsibility, supervise the platform self-examination.

3. Tighten supervision and inspection, increase the crackdown

4. Encourage the complaint and tip-off, strengthen social co-governance   

Please be noted that the provincial-level food and drug administrations submit both the hard copy and electronic version of work summary on special inspection and the statistics (see attachment) to the Department of Supervision and Management on Food Operation Safety under State Administration for Market Regulation.

(Source: SAMR)